Lighthouse School


What is a Lighthouse School? 

Ten elementary Lighthouse Schools will lead the instructional digital conversion and serve as model demonstration sites for the implementation of digital curriculum.

What is BCPS One? When will we be able to access it? 
BCPS One is the new digital portal for curriculum and instruction, assessments, student data, reporting, and analysis. It is a fully integrated, customized, and user-friendly Web-based solution. The current plan is to phase in the functionality of BCPS One. Phase one will include an online grade book and access to resources within the learning management system. 
What support will teachers and administrators receive in this transition? 
BCPS will build capacity to implement the instructional digital conversion through ongoing training. The training will develop a common understanding of the conceptual changes that will take place in this modern learning environment and improves knowledge and skills that increase student success. The training will be delivered in a tiered approach, beginning with school-based administrators, all curriculum and instruction staff, and staff development teachers who will then collaborate to train teachers. 

For more information, visit the  BCPS Lighthouse page